Are you ready for a new generation of Republican leadership? If so, you need to hear what newly-elected Arkansas Gov. Sarah Sanders had to say during her GOP rebuttal to President Biden’s second State of the Union address.

In her speech, Sanders called for a “new generation of Republican leadership” and described the choice between Democrats and Republicans as a choice “between normal or crazy.” She noted that she and Biden didn’t have a lot in common because she is “for freedom” and he’s “for government control,” and went on to note the four decades difference in their ages.

Sanders argued that the Biden administration had been “completely hijacked by the radical left,” and said that America’s “dividing line” was no longer a separation between right and left. She described the choice as one between “normal or crazy,” and said it was time for a new generation of Republican leadership.

The newly-elected governor went on to tout her efforts in Arkansas to combat indoctrination and other Democratic policies like critical race theory and shutdowns related to the COVID-19 pandemic. She said that Americans wanted common sense from their leaders, but that Biden was busy “doubling down on crazy.”

Sanders also expressed the need to secure the border and stop the flow of fentanyl into the United States, a drug responsible thousands of deaths every month. She blasted Biden’s “weakness” on foreign policy, especially China, and railed against Democratic calls to defund the police.

At the end of her speech, Sanders vowed that under the leadership of Senate Republicans and House Speaker Kevin McCarthy, Republicans would hold the Biden administration accountable. She said that Republicans believe in an America where strong families thrive in safe communities, and where jobs are abundant and paychecks are rising.

It’s clear that Sarah Sanders is ready to lead the way for a new generation of Republican leadership. If you’re ready to join her, make sure to listen to her speech and stay informed about her efforts to make America great again.