In a world that often refuses to celebrate women over the age of 45, Madonna is here to tell us all to bow down. The iconic singer recently took to social media to slam the internet’s strong reaction to her “unrecognizable” face at the 2023 Grammys. In a powerful statement, Madonna explained that instead of focusing on her speech about celebrating fearless artists like Sam Smith and Kim Petras, people chose to focus on her looks.

The Material Girl went on to explain that she has never apologized for any of the creative choices she’s made nor the way she looks or dresses — and she won’t start now. She also shared a behind-the-scenes look at her shenanigans at the Grammys, which included making rude gestures with Sam Smith, posing with Cardi B, and showing off her lacey bra.

Madonna’s post comes after fans expressed their concern for the singer when they could barely recognize her at the Grammys. A source told The Post that Madonna’s shocking appearance comes from her desire to resemble her 2000s heyday — but in trying to stop the aging, she’s making herself almost unrecognizable. Plastic surgeons previously told Page Six they believe she’s had a facelift, nose job, and “pulled back” skin — among other work.

The iconic singer’s message is clear: she’s not here to apologize for her looks or her choices. She’s here to stand up to the patriarchy, push boundaries, and enjoy her life. Madonna is a powerful example of how ageism and misogyny can be challenged and overcome. So bow down, bitches, because Madonna is here to stay.