It’s been nearly four decades since Kareem Abdul-Jabbar held the title of the NBA’s all-time leading scorer, but on Tuesday night that was all changed. With a stepback jump shot with 10.9 seconds left in the third quarter of the Los Angeles Lakers’ game against the Oklahoma City Thunder, LeBron James pushed his career total to 38,388 points and broke Abdul-Jabbar’s record. The game was stopped as some members of James’ family, including his mother, wife and children, took the floor for a ceremony recognizing the moment.

LeBron James has never prioritized points during his 20-year NBA career, but he has still managed to become the most prolific scorer in league history. How did he do it? What made him the NBA’s all-time leading scorer?

James has had a long and storied career, beginning in high school when he was just a kid from Akron, Ohio and was given the moniker King James. He has since become a 19-time All-Star selection, tying an Abdul-Jabbar record, and is a two-time champion in Miami, a champion in Cleveland in 2016, and a champion with the Lakers in 2020. He is also the only member of the NBA’s triple-quintuple club: at least 10,000 points, 10,000 rebounds and 10,000 assists.

James has never been one to focus solely on scoring, preferring to be known for his assists. He is behind only John Stockton, Jason Kidd and Chris Paul on the all-time assists list. But even with his focus on passing, James has still managed to become the league’s all-time leading scorer. He has done so in his 20th season, the same number of seasons as Abdul-Jabbar, and is on pace to become the league’s first 40,000-point scorer sometime next season.

James has achieved this feat through hard work, dedication, and a drive to be the best. He has pushed himself to be the best scorer in the league and has worked hard to make sure he is always at the top of his game. He has also been supported by the likes of NBA Commissioner Adam Silver and the late NBA Commissioner David Stern, as well as by his family, friends, and fans.

So, what can we learn from LeBron James? That hard work and dedication pay off. That with the right support, anything is possible. That no matter how long a record has stood, it can always be broken. That it is possible to be a great scorer and a great passer.

LeBron James is a living example of what can be achieved with hard work and dedication. He is the NBA’s all-time leading scorer, and he is a testament to the power of perseverance.