The future of sustainable transportation is here, and it’s powered by hydrogen. Honda has announced that their next hydrogen-powered vehicle, a plug-in version of the CR-V, is coming in 2024. The new fuel cell system, co-developed with GM, will cost just a third of the Clarity’s fuel cell stack while being more durable and efficient.

The new CR-V will have two H2 tanks in the rear of the vehicle, an intelligent power unit under the seats and a fuel cell system and drive unit mounted as one under the front hood. The battery in the plug-in part of the equation won’t power the CR-V for too many miles, but it will still be capable of exporting power. Honda plans to build 2000 units of its next-gen fuel cell system a year by 2025, and some of them will be used by industry partners.

Honda’s new fuel cell system is more than twice as durable and has “significantly faster” startup times at frigid temperatures. It also costs two-thirds less to build, thanks to changes in materials and manufacturing specifications. Honda is looking for partners to test the fuel cell system in commercial vehicles, stationary power stations and construction machinery. The automaker is also actively looking for partners in North America to work on fuel cell commercial trucks.

The future of sustainable transportation is here, and Honda is leading the way. Their next-generation fuel cell system is more efficient and cost-effective, and it will help the company and its partners achieve their carbon neutrality and sustainability goals. The CR-V with plug-in capability is just the beginning of Honda’s hydrogen-powered journey, and it’s sure to be an exciting one.