It’s a special day today, as we celebrate the 24th birthday of Bibi the hippo, the world’s most patient mother! Bibi hails from St. Louis and now calls the Cincinnati Zoo home. She is the proud parent of the world-famous Fiona, who was born six weeks premature in 2017. But with the help of a human care team, Fiona is now a whopping 1,600 pounds and growing!

Bibi and Fiona have become inseparable, living side by side in the zoo’s Hippo Cove. They were recently joined by Tucker, an 18-year-old hippo from San Francisco, and Bibi welcomed her second hippo, Fritz, on Aug. 3, 2022. Fritz has been quite the handful for Bibi and even Fiona, too. His playful and active nature has been a source of joy for the zoo, as it has been fun to watch the bloat bond between the three hippos.

The median life expectancy for Nile hippos is 35 years, so Bibi has plenty of time left to continue being an amazing mother and friend to Fiona and Fritz. We hope you join us in wishing Bibi a happy 24th birthday!