As Bruce Springsteen fans, we’ve been on a wild ride for the past 43 years. From the days of $7.50 tickets to the current debate over ticket prices for his current tour, the community of Springsteen fans has been through it all. But now, Backstreets, the magazine and website that has served Springsteen’s fans for the past four decades, is shutting down. In this blog post, we’ll explore why the publisher of Backstreets is disillusioned with the current debate over ticket prices and what this means for fans of Bruce Springsteen.

When tickets went on sale last summer, many Bruce Springsteen fans were outraged by Ticketmaster’s dynamic pricing model, which sent tickets soaring to $5,000 or more when there was high demand. This prompted a congressional hearing last month, during which U.S. Senator John Kennedy of Louisiana suggested that major artists like Springsteen and Taylor Swift should demand fee caps. Despite the outrage, Springsteen’s team defended the prices as being in line with what is charged today by many of his peers.

It was this debate over ticket prices that left the publisher of Backstreets, Christopher Phillips, dispirited and disillusioned. He wrote in a post announcing the shutdown that disappointment is a common feeling among hardcore fans in the Backstreets community. He also wrote that he and his team realized they would not be able to cover this tour with the same drive and sense of purpose with which they’ve operated continuously since 1980.

This news is not only disappointing for Springsteen fans, but it also highlights the importance of trust in business. It’s essential for businesses to build trust with their customers in order to ensure their loyalty and satisfaction. To learn more about how to strengthen trust in your business, sign up for The Trust Factor, a weekly newsletter examining what leaders need to succeed.

At the end of the day, the news of Backstreets shutting down is a sad one, but it also serves as a reminder of the importance of trust in business. We hope that Bruce Springsteen fans will continue to support their favorite artist and that businesses will continue to prioritize trust in their dealings.