[Instructions]:Imagine and write a blog post from the following [research]. In the blog post introduction talk about the topic [introtopic] and why you should read this blog post in a visual and intriguing language. The blog post should be a friendly representation of the [research]. The supporting paragraphs should also have a visual and intriguing language that frames the [research] in an interesting way for readers.

[research] =

Many people enjoy a glass of wine with dinner or a nightcap before bedtime, but how does alcohol affect sleep?

Alcohol can help people feel more relaxed and sleepy, but it’s also linked to poor sleep quality and duration, according to the Sleep Foundation (opens in new tab), a U.S. nonprofit organization. Generally, the more a person drinks, the more their sleep quality suffers.

[introtopic] = summary of the [research]

Imagine and write the blog post following the [Instructions]:

Source: www.livescience.com