Do you love learning about science? If so, you’ll be thrilled to hear about the amazing science projects that Pioneer Elementary School students have been working on! From AJ Damrow’s experiment to prove that water can walk, to Cassidy Lowry’s research on her golden retriever’s favorite snacks, to Caden Caudle’s investigation into the freezing of the ocean, and finally to Savannah Reeser’s exploration of the best drink to have when sick, the students of Pioneer Elementary have been hard at work learning about the world around them.

At the Pioneer Elementary Science Fair, students presented their projects to judges and explained their findings. Whitney Reed, a sixth grader, had a highly researched and confident presentation about the quality of cheap vs. expensive nail polish. Judges were impressed with her thoroughness and the completeness of her project.

Kindergartner Cassidy Lowry hypothesized that her golden retriever, Frank, would like eating Beggin’ Strips the most. When her research was completed, she was proven correct. Caden Caudle, while trying to determine if the entire ocean could freeze, learned that salt water takes longer to freeze because salt molecules get between the water molecules and make it freeze slower. Savannah Reeser wanted to know what was the best drink to have when sick. She decided to find out by using Gatorade, chicken broth, water, apple juice and sprite to water seeds. The seeds that were watered were the only ones to sprout.

Third grader Hugo Cooper dissected a frog to learn more about the anatomy of humans. He learned the anatomy of a frog and how it is similar to a human, the places the organs are in and what they do. First grader Quinn Odom studied how to grow crystals and was able to have fun with her project.

Retired fourth grade teacher Kathleen Kennell said that participating in a science fair allows students to pursue their interests at a young age, and it also gives them practice in participating in an interview, public speaking and creativity. She said the creativity shown each year always surprises her.

The Pioneer Elementary Science Fair is a great example of how students can explore their interests and learn more about the world around them. It’s inspiring to see how these students are able to use their creativity to create amazing projects and share their findings with the world.