Tragedy struck the NYPD and the city of New York this week when Officer Adeed Fayaz, a five-year veteran assigned to patrol, was shot in a botched Brooklyn robbery. The 26-year-old father of two was taken off life support earlier in the day and was transferred to the morgue later Tuesday evening.

This blog post will provide a summary of the heartbreaking story, the police investigation, and the arrest of the suspect, 38-year-old Randy Jones. We will also discuss the powerful message sent by the NYPD when they used Fayaz’s own handcuffs to apprehend Jones.

The incident occurred when Officer Fayaz and his brother-in-law had arranged to buy a Honda Pilot in Brooklyn through Facebook Marketplace. They were met by a man in a black jacket with a beard and mustache who walked them to a driveway and jokingly asked if either was carrying a gun. When they both said no, the man put Fayaz in a headlock, demanded the $24,000 and pointed the weapon at the brother-in-law when Fayaz said he didn’t have it.

Fayaz managed to untangle himself from the headlock and the gun went off. Jones allegedly kept firing at the brothers as he ran away. The brother-in-law grabbed Fayaz’s weapon from its holster and fired at least six times. Jones got into an SUV and drove off, leaving Fayaz wounded in the chaos.

Police were able to identify the getaway SUV and track the driver. Jones was arrested at a Rockland County Days Inn Monday evening with his girlfriend and five young children. He was handcuffed by an NYPD detective assigned to the US Marshals Regional Task Force, and it was Fayaz’s own cuffs that brought him into police custody.

Jones was extradited to Brooklyn Monday night, and was charged with murder and attempted murder. He asked for a lawyer once he was apprehended, investigators said. The girlfriend was questioned but is not expected to be charged in the case.

Investigators are also looking into whether Saturday’s case may be part of a pattern, if Jones was responsible for other similar robberies.

The death of Officer Adeed Fayaz is a tragedy and a reminder of the dangers of the job. We must remember the sacrifice of the brave men and women in law enforcement and the powerful message sent by the NYPD when they used Fayaz’s own handcuffs to apprehend Jones.