Have you ever dreamed of taking a break from your career and exploring something new? Alisha Fernandez Miranda, a successful executive, did just that and wrote a book about her journey called “My What If Year”. In this blog post, we’ll explore the inspiring story of how Miranda put her career on hold for a year to work for free as an intern and the amazing experiences she encountered along the way.

Miranda credits the support of her husband and two children along with her will to find a way of doing this, but the pandemic lockdowns made it even more difficult. Despite the challenges, her story has gained national attention with book signings and a TV appearance on “Good Morning America”.

Miranda’s journey began during a night out with girlfriends a few years back, when they talked about what they would do if they could do anything they wanted. As a working mom of twins aged 8, she faced many challenges in turning her casual talk into a firm plan. She decided to work as an intern at all the jobs she wanted to do when she was a kid.

She was able to observe rehearsals of “Assassins” off-Broadway and almost knocked out the famous guy who wrote the show. She also interned with an exercise company, an art dealer and an inn that dates from the 1600s on The Isle of Skye in Scotland.

Miranda found a way to make herself useful and came to the conclusion that she wanted “the detours to be the main road…and all of a sudden I was taking these detours off the main road, I found they were enriching my life in ways I could not have possibly imagined before.” Now, she makes joy a priority and is fond of asking herself if she is scared while trying something new.

Miranda’s journey is as unusual as it is inspiring and is a reminder that it’s never too late to take a chance and explore something new. Her story serves as an example of how taking risks, even in the face of uncertainty, can lead to amazing experiences and lead to a better life.

Source: abc7news.com