Are you ready to experience the movie theater in a whole new way? AMC Theaters is revolutionizing the way you buy movie tickets, with a new seat pricing initiative that offers customers more choice and value than ever before.

The new pricing initiative, called Sightline at AMC, will roll out at all of its roughly 1,000 movie theaters by the end of the year. The ticket prices will now be based on seat location, with the highest-end “Preferred” tier being in the middle of the theaters and priced at a slight premium, while the “Standard” tier, which will remain the most common choice, will be sold for the traditional cost of a ticket. Finally, there is the “Value” tier, which are seats in the front row of theaters and will cost less than the “Standard” tier.

Live theater, such as Broadway, has long been using a similar method of pricing for seats. Movie theaters outside the United States also have similar location pricing standards that remain uncommon for American movie theaters. Sightline also provides customers with an incentive to sign up for AMC’s MoviePass-like subscription program, called Stubs A-List, because members of the monthly program can access the “Preferred” seating at no extra charge.

So why should you care about this new pricing initiative? Because it offers customers more choice and value than ever before. With Sightline at AMC, you can now choose the seat that best fits your budget and your preferences. Whether you want to pay a little extra for the best seats in the house or save a few bucks by sitting in the front row, Sightline at AMC has you covered. Plus, you can get even more value if you sign up for Stubs A-List.

Experience the movie theater in a whole new way with Sightline at AMC. With more choices and value than ever before, you can now find the perfect seat for the perfect price.