What Happened at the 2023 Grammys? Ben Affleck’s Unamused Reaction Steals the Show

The 2023 Grammys were full of surprises and excitement, but one moment that stood out was Ben Affleck’s reaction to the night’s events. From the red carpet fashion to the major snubs, social media was abuzz with the unexpected moments the awards show brought. And one of those moments was Ben Affleck’s unamused facial expressions throughout the night.

Ben Affleck, Mr. Former Batman himself, was accompanied by his wife, Jennifer Lopez, at the 2023 Grammys. Despite JLO’s more impassioned reactions, it seemed like Affleck simply didn’t want to be there. He looked anything but excited, and honestly, it was a mood.

All over Twitter, people couldn’t stop talking about how relatable Affleck’s facial expressions looked. It makes sense. Who wants to dress up just to sit around for hours to watch other people get awards all night long, while smiling for a camera on the off-chance it lands on you? We’ve all been there.

So if you missed it and want to catch up on all the fun, here’s how the Internet reacted to Ben Affleck last night at the Grammys. From funny memes to relatable GIFs, it’s clear that Affleck’s reaction was the highlight of the night.

It’s always fun to watch award shows and see celebrities’ reactions as they hear the host’s jokes, watch musical performances, and find out who wins each category. Award shows are the birthplace of countless memes, and the possibility of what can come is exactly what makes award shows the perfect opportunity for viral moments.

Ben Affleck’s reaction to the 2023 Grammys was no exception. So if you’re looking for a few laughs, or just want to commiserate with Ben Affleck, take a look at the Twitter reactions to his unamused facial expressions.

Source: www.menshealth.com