The Texas State Aquarium is on the brink of a major upgrade with the opening of their new Wildlife Rescue Center in Corpus Christi. The program, which is the leading marine life rescue program in the state, has been helping sea turtles frozen during the winter months and injured dolphins since the mid 90s.

Come March, the new Port of Corpus Christi Wildlife Rescue Center will open its doors and give visitors a chance to witness the incredible work of the aquarium first hand. From the different fish, sharks, bottlenose dolphins, otters, and ocelots, to the flamingos and animals from the Yucatan Peninsula, visitors will get to experience the unique wildlife of Texas and see the technologies used to recover and make sure Texas wildlife populations remain resilient.

The new facility will also house the only CAT scan available for wildlife dedicated to wildlife in the state of Texas. Guests will be able to watch the medical care and surgeries that go into helping the wildlife in real time.

The Texas State Aquarium is also collaborating with Texas A&M to conduct research on endangered species and learn more about how to help recover them. With this new facility, the aquarium hopes to foster appreciation for Texas Nature and inspire the next generation of nature lovers.