Have you ever seen something strange in the sky and wondered if it was from another world? While the answer is likely no, the recent uptick in unidentified aerial phenomena (UAP) reports and organized efforts to study them has many people wondering if something more mysterious is afoot. From pilots, military personnel and civilians alike, there are more ways than ever before to observe and record strange occurrences in the sky, and more reasons to take any unexplained sightings seriously.

A New Era of UAP Studies?
From the Department of Defense’s All-Domain Anomaly Resolution Office to NASA’s blue-ribbon UAP study team, the push for more and better studies could yield meaningful breakthroughs or be remembered as the time when a serious reengagement with UAPs went nowhere fast. But with the help of private research efforts, high-quality scientific data, and standardized reporting models, the truth may be revealed.

Harvard’s Galileo Project
Harvard’s Galileo Project has built and deployed sensitive astronomical gear to snag scientific measurements of UAPs. Last December, the project’s research team began collecting high-quality scientific data with a custom-built observatory that was temporarily located on the roof of the Harvard College Observatory. Assembled at a total cost of about $300,000, the observatory can capture continuous video of the sky at infrared, optical, and radio bands and can record ambient sound as well.

UAPx and Enigma Labs
UAPx is a Florida-based nonprofit organization dedicated to the scientific study of UAPs, deploying customized, sensor-laden gear in its quest for more data. Enigma Labs, a private company based in New York City, is developing a mobile platform for crowdsourcing UAP reports. The company’s newly launched smartphone app offers both a repository for some 270,000 historic sightings from the past century and ways for users to record, upload and rate new ones.

Whistleblowers Wanted
Veteran investigative reporter Leslie Kean has called for whistleblowers to come forward with information about UAPs. With the help of these brave individuals, the truth may soon be revealed.

The mystery of UAPs continues, and only time will tell if a “bold new era” of UAP studies will yield meaningful breakthroughs. With more ways than ever to observe and record strange occurrences in the sky, we may soon have the answers we seek.

Source: www.scientificamerican.com