At the 65th annual Grammy Awards, Bonnie Raitt took home one of the biggest awards of the night – Song of the Year – and no one was more surprised than her. With a look of disbelief, she accepted the award with a heartfelt speech that touched upon the inspiration behind her track, “Just Like That,” and her relationship with the late songwriter John Prine.

Raitt explained that her song was based on a true story about an organ donor, and she was deeply moved by the love and grace of the donor and the kindness of the recipient. She went into further detail during an interview with American Songwriter, saying that she was inspired by a news segment about a woman going to meet the man who had received her late son’s heart. Raitt said, “Every time I hear about a family donating organs when their child has been killed, or there’s some sort of sudden death—as if you’re not in grief and shock enough—to have the view and the compassion and the love to be able to pay it forward like that is so incredible, and the kindness of the recipient, and what that must feel like for them.”

Raitt also talked about her relationship with John Prine, and said that the song was inspired by him. She said, “People have been responding to the song partly because of how much I love and we all love John Prine. And that was the inspiration for the music, for this song and telling a story from the inside.”

Raitt’s win was a fitting tribute to the late singer-songwriter, and it was a reminder to all of us that love and kindness can be found in the most unexpected of places. Her three awards at the ceremony, along with her inspiring speech, made it a night to remember.