It was hard to miss Madonna’s latest appearance at the Grammy Awards, and it’s even harder to ignore the internet’s response. The 64-year-old legendary singer has made a shocking transformation into a live-action Jim Henson’s Muppet, and the result is not what fans were expecting. From memes to crass comments, it’s clear that Madonna’s latest look is not going over well. In this blog post, we’ll take a closer look at Madonna’s transformation, the comments and reactions to her new look, and why her team should keep her tucked away next time.

Madonna’s bloated-looking face was too big for her body and didn’t at all resemble the music legend her fans have spent the last four decades admiring. Twitter has erupted with memes and crass comments about the very obvious mess she’s made of herself, with terms like “unrecognizable,” “allergic reaction” and “Embalmed Muppet” being used to describe her. Her dry humor and complete inability to engage with the audience only made the situation worse.

It’s clear that the internet isn’t loving anything about her new look, and Fox News hosts even took it upon themselves to attack Madonna for how she looked at the Grammys. Some even joked that the Ghostbusters should have gotten Madonna back into the painting at the end of the show.

Madonna has always been known for bringing shock-value to her shows, but the absolute horror show she’s made of her face is likely not what she’d want to be remembered for. If her team cares about her, they’ll keep her tucked inside her home (coffin?) next time.

It’s sad to see a once-iconic star become the butt of endless jokes on social media, but it’s clear that Madonna has made a huge mistake with her latest transformation. Hopefully, she’ll learn from it and make wiser decisions in the future.