The 2023 Grammy Awards were a night to remember, especially for the one and only Lizzo! The singer was seen having the time of her life at the awards ceremony, held at the Arena in Los Angeles. She was seated next to her boyfriend, Myke Wright, as well as Adele and her boyfriend, Rich Paul, during the telecast. During the song of the year category, cameras caught Lizzo taking a sip of a flask, which quickly became a viral moment. Not only that, but she also delivered a powerful performance and went on to take home the record of the year award for her song “About Damn Time.”

The 2023 Grammy Awards were full of star-studded moments and performances, from Bad Bunny and Harry Styles to Jay-Z and Adele. But it was Lizzo who stole the show with her award-winning performance, her tiny flask, and her emotional and enthusiastic speech. During her speech, she directed her attention to Beyoncé and thanked her for impacting her life and career.

The night was a success for Lizzo and all the other stars in attendance. It was a night of unexpected moments, can’t-miss performances, and inspiring speeches. Lizzo’s moment with her flask will be remembered for years to come, and her award-winning performance and speech will be remembered as one of the greatest of the 2023 Grammy Awards.