In the world of Harry Potter fans, the search for a truly excellent game has been a long and winding road. From LEGO Potter games to Quidditch simulators, none has come close to capturing the magic of the Wizarding World. Until now. Hogwarts Legacy is a triumphant visit to the Wizarding World, with an open world map that captures the vibe of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, spellcasting combat that’s stupefyingly good, and a fantastic cast of characters that make the story come alive. Through your custom-crafted witch or wizard, you’ll be transferred to Hogwarts as a fifth-year student and become entangled in a conflict between the Wizarding World and an evil goblin. Your journey will be filled with magical abilities, unforgettable characters, and exciting quests. The character creator has plenty of options for you to craft your ideal witch or wizard, and you’ll soon discover you’ve got some freaky super-charged magical abilities that allow you to do extra cool stuff. You’ll also find yourself looking forward to hanging out with your professors, whether it’s your main man Professor Fig, who serves as both something of a mentor and as a sidekick, or the wise-cracking charms teacher Professor Ronen. The world is packed with nearly everything you’d want in a Potter game, from exploring Hogwarts’ stone-cobbled halls and secret passageways to flying around the Forbidden Forest on a broomstick. Combat is fantastic, challenging, and utterly captivating, with the trick being in dodging and countering enemy attacks while pulling off creative combos. Hogwarts Legacy may have its issues, like its lack of enemy variety, dicey performance, and occasional glitches, but none of these can cast a Descendo charm on this triumphant visit to the Wizarding World.