The U.S economy is off to a roaring start in 2023 with a January jobs report that is worth celebrating. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics’ preliminary tally, the economy created a whopping 517,000 new jobs in January alone, bringing the total job growth since January 2021 to over 12 million. The unemployment rate has also fallen to 3.4%, its lowest level since May 1969.

For those who were rooting for the U.S economy, these numbers are an exciting sign of recovery from the effects of the pandemic. The last time the jobless rate was this low was in 1969, before the first moon landing and Woodstock.

Despite the good news, Republican National Committee Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel responded to the job numbers with a statement that focused on “pain and misery”. House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy and Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, however, were literally speechless and failed to acknowledge the good news.

This isn’t the first time GOP leaders have been reluctant to recognize the good news of job growth during the Biden era. Four years ago, when the unemployment rate reached 3.6%, House Speaker Kevin McCarthy celebrated the milestone. Now, however, he seems to be ignoring the good news.

The January jobs report is a reminder of the progress the U.S economy has made since the start of the Biden administration. Despite the attempts of GOP leaders to ignore the good news, the report is a testament to the power of recovery and resilience.