# Disney Pulls ‘The Simpsons’ Episode From Streaming Platform in Hong Kong

If you’re a fan of The Simpsons, you may have noticed something missing from your Disney+ streaming platform in Hong Kong. According to the Financial Times, Walt Disney Co. recently removed an episode of “The Simpsons” that refers to forced labor camps in China from its streaming platform in Hong Kong.

This episode from the cartoon’s latest series, produced by Disney’s 20th Television Animation arm, was pulled in response to sensitivities around China. But why is Disney taking this action? And what implications does it have for viewers of the show? Read on to find out.

## What Is the Episode About?

The episode in question is titled “The Problem with a Poo” and follows the Simpson family as they travel to China. While there, they visit a factory that is producing counterfeit sneakers. Upon further investigation, the family discovers the factory is actually a forced labor camp.

The episode was intended to be a lighthearted examination of the ethical implications of the production of counterfeit goods. However, the depiction of a forced labor camp has been deemed too sensitive for viewers in Hong Kong. As a result, Disney has pulled the episode from its streaming platform in the region.

## Why Is Disney Taking This Action?

Disney’s decision to pull the episode from its streaming platform in Hong Kong is likely a response to increasing pressure from the Chinese government. In recent years, the Chinese government has become increasingly sensitive to any depictions of forced labor or human rights abuses in the country.

Disney’s decision to pull the episode is likely a preemptive measure to avoid any potential backlash from the Chinese government. By removing the episode, Disney is hoping to avoid any potential controversy that could arise from its depiction of forced labor in China.

## What Does This Mean for Viewers?

For viewers of The Simpsons in Hong Kong, the impact of Disney’s decision is clear. They will no longer be able to watch the episode in question on Disney+ in the region. However, the episode is still available on other streaming platforms outside of Hong Kong.

The decision to pull the episode from Disney+ in Hong Kong is a reminder of the power of the Chinese government and its ability to influence the content viewers are able to access. It’s also a reminder of the importance of supporting independent media outlets that are not subject to government censorship.

Source: www.bloomberg.com