At 64, Madonna is still as rebellious and confrontational as ever, and her recent appearance at the Grammy Awards is proof of that. But it’s her age-defying rebellion that has everyone talking. From her puffy face to her lips, social media was abuzz with people asking if they had just seen the Halloween version of the Material Girl.

A source close to Madonna has revealed that the singer has an “obsession” with looking younger, and is trying to emulate the high cheekbones of her youth. She has reportedly said she wants to turn back time to look more like “2000s Madonna”. But in trying to stop nature’s progress, she’s making herself almost unrecognizable.

It turns out Madonna has a team on “skin watch”, and a makeup artist and facialist on hand for a constant cycle of creams and facials to keep her skin looking young. Celebrity plastic surgeon Dr. Leslie Stevens of the Lasky Clinic in Beverly Hills believes Madonna has had work done, noting the increase in fullness in her cheeks and jawline.

Friends say Madonna, who has long been known for her clean-living and healthy lifestyle, is likely to be heartbroken by all the criticism of her appearance because, more than anything else, she wants to be attractive.

At the end of the day, Madonna is still an icon, and her upcoming “Celebration” greatest hits tour is a testament to that. Tickets sold out in minutes for 35 dates, proving that Madonna’s fans still love and support her. As she embarks on this tour, we can only hope that Madonna will find the balance between her age-defying rebellion and her true self.