Love knows no age – this is the story of Miracle and Charles, a couple that has a 61-year age gap between them. Despite the decades that separate them, these newlyweds have found a connection that is stronger than any of the norms defined by society. This blog post will explore how they met, the obstacles they faced, and their plans for the future.

Miracle Pogue, 24, and Charles Pogue, 85, met while she was working at a laundromat in 2019. Miracle explains that Charles had a “good vibe going” and made her feel comfortable. She didn’t know his exact age at first, but when she did eventually find out, she already had feelings for him.

Not everybody accepted their relationship at first. Miracle’s mother Tamika, 45, and grandfather Joe, 72, were supportive, but her father Kareem, 47, was more difficult to convince. Miracle explained that she had to tell her father that she needed his support and that if he didn’t accept the situation, he would have “lost his daughter”. Eventually, her father accepted the situation and even walked her down the aisle at her perfect wedding.

Miracle and Charles are now looking forward to starting a family together. Miracle hopes to have two children with Charles, who doesn’t have any kids. She admits that their IVF journey isn’t an easy one and that the experience at the clinic can be “quite overwhelming”. However, Miracle is willing to ignore those challenges by choosing to stay positive and hopeful.

This story of Miracle and Charles is a story of inspiration and positivity. It proves that the connection between two soulmates is stronger than any of the norms defined by society. Love knows no age, and this couple is a beautiful example of that.