Will Smith was set to make a surprise appearance at the 2020 Grammy Awards, but it never happened. That’s according to Questlove, who recently revealed the news in an interview with Variety.

The Grammy Awards are known for their star-studded tributes, and this year was no different. The show included a tribute to hip-hop, which featured performances from Lil Nas X, DJ Khaled, and more. But according to Questlove, Will Smith was originally set to make a surprise appearance during the tribute.

Questlove told Variety that Smith had been rehearsing for the performance, but ultimately dropped out at the last minute. He didn’t offer any explanation for Smith’s decision, but he did say that the rapper was “disappointed” about not being able to take part in the tribute.

The news of Smith’s planned appearance was met with excitement from fans, who were disappointed when it didn’t happen. Many speculated that the rapper had pulled out of the performance due to the controversy surrounding the Recording Academy’s decision to not include any female artists in the tribute.

Although Smith did not appear during the tribute, he was still honored during the show. During the “In Memoriam” segment, the Grammys paid tribute to the late rapper, who died in 2018. His widow, Jada Pinkett Smith, accepted the award on his behalf.

Will Smith’s planned surprise appearance at the 2020 Grammy Awards was a surprise to many. Unfortunately, the rapper ultimately decided not to take part in the performance. But he was still honored during the show, and his memory lives on in the music he created.

Source: ew.com