The basketball world is abuzz with speculation as one of the biggest free agents of the summer, Kyrie Irving, has found a new home. After days of anticipation and debate, it has been confirmed that the Dallas Mavericks have acquired the star point guard in a trade with the Brooklyn Nets. Fans of the Mavs are undoubtedly thrilled, but what does this mean for the team?

The Mavs gave up Spencer Dinwiddie’s expiring contract and some future picks to sweeten the deal. It’s unclear if this was the best possible return, or if the Nets were simply determined to not let Kyrie go to the Lakers. Regardless, the Mavs have now added a major talent to their roster, offering a clear upgrade in terms of an additional ballhandler next to Luka Doncic.

The question now is whether the Mavs are willing to offer Kyrie a four year deal this summer. If another team he wants to go to offers him the max, will he stick around? It’s unlikely. What the Mavs are hoping is that bringing in Kyrie and winning will make him more open to a shorter deal.

From a basketball standpoint, Kyrie’s presence should help lighten Luka’s offensive load and usage, which is critical for any team hoping to make a deep playoff run. Kyrie and Luka have never played together, so it remains to be seen how they will work together on the court. Off the court, it’s still Kyrie, and the Mavs are taking a gamble that he won’t bring the same drama he has in the past.

The acquisition of Kyrie Irving makes the Western Conference race even more interesting, and it will be fascinating to see how the Mavs fare with their new star point guard. It’s a huge gamble, but one the Mavs are willing to take in order to keep Luka happy and make a deep playoff run.