The Biden administration recently made the decision to shoot down a Chinese spy balloon that had been hovering in U.S. airspace for a week. It had crossed the entire country, raising questions about why it had taken the President so long to act. The decision to shoot it down has been met with mixed reactions from politicians, citizens, and the media, with some questioning the President’s leadership.

Senator Ted Cruz of Texas was one of the first to respond, tweeting “Good. Absolutely the right thing to do, but Biden should have done it BEFORE the Chinese spy balloon went across the entire country. And Xi knows damn well that Biden wouldn’t have had the guts to shoot down the CCP balloon if people in Montana hadn’t taken pictures of it.”

Senator Eric Schmitt of Missouri was also critical, tweeting “The Chinese spy balloon was in US airspace for a week. It hovered over nuclear silos and Air Force Bases. In addition to intel gathering China was testing Biden on response time, decision making & he failed miserably. Full investigation needed. The American people deserve answers.”

Senator Josh Hawley of Missouri kept it simple, tweeting “Debacle” along with footage of military fighter jets intercepting the Chinese balloon. Senator Tim Scott of South Carolina was also critical, tweeting “The balloon should have been shot down before it crossed the continental United States, not after. We still don’t know what information was collected and where it was sent. This was a dereliction of Biden’s duty, and let’s hope the American people don’t pay a price.”

The reaction on social media was also strong, with many taking to Twitter to express their opinions. Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene of Georgia tweeted “The Biden admin allowed the Chinese Spy Balloon to traverse the entire US and gather intel on our critical military infrastructure while the entire country screamed to shoot it down, before they finally shot it down. Biden refused to stop China.”

The decision to shoot down the Chinese spy balloon has sparked a heated debate among politicians and citizens alike. While some are praising the President’s decision to act, others are questioning why it took so long and whether or not the American people will pay a price for the delay. The only thing that is certain is that this incident has highlighted the need for more decisive action in the face of foreign aggression.