Raviv Ullman, the star of the beloved Disney Channel show “Phil of the Future” from 2004 to 2006, recently reflected on his time in the spotlight. In an interview with E! News, he discussed his experience as a Disney star, how he wishes he had handled his success differently, and the possibility of a reboot.

Ullman, who was known as Ricky Ullman at the time, said he was just a kid and having fun, but now wishes he had been more strategic in his career. He also discussed the hectic schedule of a Disney star, which included filming the show during the week and shooting Circle of Stars, attending events at Disneyland, and shooting PSAs on the weekends.

Ullman said he still keeps in touch with his co-stars from time to time, including Aly Michalka, who played his best friend and love interest in the series. He also said he was rarely star-struck, as he already knew Ashley Tisdale, Dylan and Cole Sprouse before their shows aired.

The transition to being a Disney Channel star was a big one for Ullman, who was attending public school in Connecticut when he was first cast. He said he loved the experience of working with a team of funny people, but ultimately his show ended after two seasons without resolving the romantic arc.

When asked about a potential reboot, Ullman said he wouldn’t turn it down and would be open to the possibility. He also said he had no idea why the show was ended, as actors are rarely privy to network decisions.

For fans of “Phil of the Future,” Raviv Ullman’s reflections on his time as a Disney star are sure to be interesting. It’s clear he enjoyed his time in the spotlight, and is open to the possibility of a reboot — hopefully, one that resolves the romantic arc.

Source: www.businessinsider.com