Have you ever wondered what it would be like to explore a spaceship? The new series “The Ark” offers a glimpse into the world of space travelers, providing an exciting and unique experience for viewers. Set 100 years in the future, “The Ark” follows the exploits of survivors who must regroup after a catastrophic event has occurred, threatening their ability to reach their target planet. With a set built like an actual spaceship, complete with walls, ceilings, and corridors, the series allows viewers to explore the unknown.

The series was created by Dean Devlin, who was smitten with the set and the creative possibilities it presented. To make the characters resonate with the actors, Devlin gave each an envelope containing the character’s secrets. The actors were not allowed to share the contents with anyone, adding an element of mystery to the series.

The series was shot in Serbia, and the crew was made up of actors from all over the world. This was intentional, as the story requires an international crew to make it believable. The actors often spent off-screen time together running lines and touring the country, creating a bond between them that mirrored the bond between their characters.

The set was carefully crafted to give viewers different environments so that they wouldn’t get tired of being on the ship. The observation deck has a gigantic window, while the food growing area has an organic feel. As the series progresses, viewers come to realize that everyone has a complex backstory, adding an element of mystery to the show.

“The Ark” offers viewers a unique and exciting experience, allowing them to explore a world of space travelers and uncover secrets that will keep them guessing. With an international cast and a carefully crafted set, the series is sure to be a hit.

Source: siouxcityjournal.com