Pedro Pascal recently raced through an apocalyptic version of Mario Kart on Saturday Night Live, and it was an epic adventure.

The episode took notes from Pascal’s current HBO series The Last of Us with a fake trailer for another upcoming HBO prestige drama: Mario Kart. Pascal played a hardened version of the iconic video game character, who has become cynical since Bowser took control of the kingdom. He’s willing to take on the job, but he warns that the journey won’t be easy. He brings in Luigi for backup.

The trailer teases that viewers will see “all your favorite wacky racers reimagined as complex, dramatic HBO characters.” This includes Yoshi and Toad, both of whom proclaim that they are bisexual. After Toad sacrifices himself when Bowser sends a red turtle shell hurtling toward them, Peach expresses worry about whether they’ll make it out alive. But Mario reassures her that, should they crash, a small man with a fishing pole will be there to lift them back onto the track.

The trailer also features some reviews that hilariously skewer the show.

The SNL Mario Kart episode is sure to be a hit with fans of the classic video game. It’s a thrilling adventure full of unexpected twists and turns, and it’s sure to leave viewers entertained. Be sure to check it out when it airs!