Are you ready for the wildest ride of your life? Look no further than the latest trailer for the upcoming HBO series, Mario Kart. Host Pedro Pascal stars as Mario, alongside Bowen Yang’s bisexual-hipster Yoshi, Chloe Fineman as Princess Peach, and Kenan Thompson as Bowser. This dystopian take on the classic video game is set 10 years after the destruction of the kingdom.

In this thrilling adventure, Mario and Princess Peach must navigate the video-game wasteland while battling Goombas, now reimagined as sentient fungi with legs. Along the way, they come across Yoshi, who proudly declares his bisexuality. Bowser is also present, firing Koopa Shells at Toad, and Mario and Princess Peach’s go-kart spins out after hitting a banana peel.

In a dramatic moment, Princess Peach asks Mario what happens if they crash. Mario replies, “A little guy in a cloud comes and uses a fishing pole to put you back on the road.” With the promise of a wild ride, Mario Kart is sure to be an exciting and unforgettable experience.