Pedro Pascal has done it all. He’s battled the Galactic Empire in The Mandalorian, braved the zombie apocalypse in The Last of Us, and now he’s conquered the comedy world with a hilarious appearance on Saturday Night Live. Last night’s episode featured a sketch that had Pascal and the rest of the cast in stitches.

The sketch featured a group of people out for dinner to celebrate a birthday. Ego Nwodim played the sister, Lisa from Temecula, who had sent her steak back three times because she wanted it “extra, extra, extra well done.” Lisa’s insistence on a perfectly cooked steak caused chaos atop the dinner table and Pascal and Bowen Yang both broke character to laugh.

Pascal opened the show with a monologue reflecting on his roles in Star Wars and Game of Thrones. He talked about how strange it is to be recognized for a character that wears a mask for the entire show, and how he has to do the “Mando voice” for fans. Pascal joked that the Mando voice sounds “porny” without the mask.

The Mandalorian returns for its third season on Disney+ on March 1st and The Last of Us airs on Sundays on HBO. Fans of both shows can now see Pedro Pascal in a new light thanks to his hilarious Saturday Night Live performance.