As the winter chill sets in across the United States, a historic winter blast has blanketed the Northeast. From Portland to Boston, temperatures plummeted to record lows, with windchills reaching -108 degrees on the peak of Mount Washington. This once in a generation arctic outbreak has already turned deadly, with a tragic tree-fall incident claiming the life of an infant in Springfield, Massachusetts.

But amidst the cold, there have been glimmers of warmth and hope. In Alabama, an anonymous farmer has been secretly paying the pharmacy bills of those in need. High-tech hospitals are using artificial intelligence to improve patient care, while American volunteer Pete Reed was tragically killed in the Ukrainian war.

Democrats have set to start a ’24 presidential primary in South Carolina for the first time, and an Ohio village has been put under evacuation order after a train derailment caused a fire. Meanwhile, a Chinese spy balloon was shot down off the coast of South Carolina, and prosecutors in Alex Murdaugh’s murder trial have called on new witnesses.

Illinois has donated a fire engine to Ukraine, while in the U.S. economy 517,000 jobs were added in January. Secretary Blinken’s trip was called off over a suspected Chinese spy balloon, and messaging your doctor could cost you money. Adnan Syed’s murder case is being reviewed by a Maryland court, and a Russian missile attack has struck the Ukrainian city of Kramatorsk. Lastly, Rep. Ilhan Omar was voted out of the Foreign Affairs committee by GOP members, and a New Jersey councilwoman was shot dead in her car.

It has been a tumultuous start to the year, and the winter blast is only the beginning. Stay safe, stay warm, and stay informed.