The MCU has set up the perfect way to fix Namor’s broken ankle wing, and it’s sure to make him one of the most complex antiheroes in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. In Black Panther: Wakanda Forever, Namor made his long-awaited debut and quickly made an impression with his relentless vendetta against the surface world, and his battle with the new Black Panther, Shuri. During their fight, Shuri was able to damage one of Namor’s ankle wings, disabling his ability to fly. But, previous MCU projects might have already set up the perfect way to fix it.

Namor’s wing can be fixed with the help of Wakandan technology, which has already been proven to work in previous projects, most notably with Bucky Barnes’ prosthetic vibranium arm. This could be the perfect way to mend Namor’s broken wing in the MCU’s future, especially now that Wakanda and Talokan have entered into a truce. There’s no doubt that Wakanda has the technology to create a device reminiscent of a wing that would allow Namor to fly, as Bucky’s arm seems to function exactly as a regular arm would.

Fixing Namor’s wings would cement his MCU antihero status. Namor is perhaps one of Marvel’s most famous antiheroes, as he regularly comes into conflict with some of the more major superheroes in Marvel Comics, and is likely to in the MCU also. Namor’s antihero status can be cemented if Wakanda makes him a prosthetic wing to replace his damaged one. This action would help Namor to understand that some outsiders can show compassion, and would also further develop the interesting dynamic between Namor and Shuri as two warriors defending their nations, but seeking only peace. On the other hand, the Wakandans making a vibranium wing for Namor would also reinforce his belief that others can’t be trusted.

It will be interesting to see how the MCU plays out Namor’s story in the future, and how his broken wing will be fixed. Whatever the outcome, it’s sure to be an exciting journey for Namor and the Marvel Cinematic Universe.