Marjorie Taylor Greene, the controversial far-right US Congresswoman from Georgia, has sparked outrage after expressing her dissatisfaction with her congressional salary. On a recent podcast interview, Greene revealed that her salary of $174,000 a year was “too low” and that she had lost money since taking office. This has led to the internet calling her out for her comments, with many questioning her commitment to the job and her constituents.
In the podcast, Greene also spoke about the demanding nature of the job and how it prevents her from spending time with her family and friends. She spoke of the need to constantly run for re-election and the fact that she is often in Washington for much of the year. Greene’s comments have been met with criticism, with many pointing out that the salary is much higher than her constituents and that she should focus on her job rather than the money.

Greene has also spoken of the harassment she has faced since taking office. She has been the target of criticism for her support of the far-right conspiracy group QAnon and for her racist, anti-Semitic and anti-Muslim remarks. Despite this, Greene still believes that her salary is “too low” and that the job is too demanding.

It is clear that Greene’s comments have caused a stir and that many are unhappy with her attitude towards her job. It remains to be seen whether Greene will continue to be a vocal critic of her salary and the demands of her job or if she will take the criticism and focus on her duties as a Congresswoman.