It was a night of glory and celebration for Kuzco the dachshund, as he won the 16th Annual Wiener Dog Race for the second year in a row. The Sioux Falls Wiener Dog Race is an annual event that brings together some of the fastest and most talented wiener dogs in the area. This year, Kuzco proved himself to be the top dog, taking home the title of champion for the second year in a row.

Kuzco, a three-year-old dachshund, was the star of the show, competing against over 20 other dogs in the race. He was the clear favorite from the start, having won the race the year before. Kuzco’s owner, Symmone Gauer, was confident that her pup would take home the win again. “I knew Kuzco was the best dog out there,” she said. “He’s always been a fast and determined pup, so I knew he’d be able to take home the title again.”

Kuzco was able to outrun all the other competitors, crossing the finish line with a time of 8.2 seconds. He was followed by second place winner, a three-year-old dachshund named Greta, who finished with a time of 8.5 seconds. All the competitors were cheered on by the crowd of spectators who had gathered to watch the race.

The 16th Annual Wiener Dog Race was a great success and Kuzco was able to retain his title as champion. His owner, Symmone Gauer, was proud of her pup and said, “Kuzco is a true champion and I’m so proud of him for winning the race for the second year in a row.” Kuzco is sure to be a star for many years to come, and we look forward to seeing him compete in future races.