The NFL Pro Bowl Games have been a recruiting free-for-all, and Raiders running back Josh Jacobs is no exception. As the leading rusher in the NFL last season, Jacobs has been approached by several teams with offers for his services. However, Jacobs is clear that he doesn’t want to be stuck with the franchise tag and wants a long-term deal with more in future guarantees. In a recent interview, Jacobs opened up about his contract negotiations, the Raiders’ plans for the future, and his thoughts on free agency.

The Pro Bowl Games, which began at noon on Sunday at Allegiant Stadium, are an opportunity for the NFL’s top players to showcase their skills. Jacobs put up a valiant effort in the dodgeball game and could play a key role for the AFC on Sunday. However, his sights are set on the future and his contract negotiations with the Raiders.

The Raiders have declined to pick up the fifth-year option on Jacobs, making him a free agent next month. The team could tag him for the season, which would mean a salary of $10,091,000. Jacobs wants a long-term deal with more in future guarantees and is keeping his options open. He said he hasn’t felt disrespected in any type of way yet, but the conversations that really matter are going to be at the negotiating table.

Jacobs is also monitoring what happens at quarterback with the team moving on from Derek Carr. He said he believes the Raiders can win consistently, but need to improve on defense and the offensive line. He’s also keeping an eye on the team’s plans at quarterback, saying he knows the three they’re looking at.

The Pro Bowl has been a recruiting free-for-all, and Jacobs has been putting out feelers to defensive players about joining the Raiders. He hopes he can be one of those pieces, but ultimately his decision on where to sign should he become a free agent will come down to more than the bottom line. He said he has to feel respected and it has to make sense.

At the end of the day, Josh Jacobs is in the driver’s seat. He’s keeping his options open and is not overly concerned about the progress of his contract negotiations at this point. He knows what he wants and is ready to make the best decision for his future.