A rare bird is making its way back to Maine, and bird watchers and Mainers alike are excited to welcome it back. The red-headed woodpecker, a species that hasn’t been seen in the state for over 50 years, is making a comeback.

The red-headed woodpecker is a medium-sized bird with a bright red head, black and white wings, and a white back. It is known for its loud, distinctive call and its ability to climb up trees. This species is native to the eastern United States, and its population has been in decline for many years.

In Maine, the red-headed woodpecker hasn’t been spotted since the 1970s. But now, the species is making a comeback. In the past few years, bird watchers have reported sightings of the bird in several different locations, including the Maine towns of Ellsworth and Portland.

The comeback of the red-headed woodpecker is exciting news for bird watchers and Mainers alike. The bird is a beautiful sight to behold, and its distinctive call is a welcome sound in the Maine woods. The return of the red-headed woodpecker is also a hopeful sign that the species is making a comeback in the eastern United States.

The red-headed woodpecker is an important part of the ecosystem, and its return to Maine is a cause for celebration. Bird watchers and Mainers alike are looking forward to seeing more of the species in the coming years. With luck, the red-headed woodpecker will continue to make a comeback in Maine and across the eastern United States.

Source: wgme.com