It’s official: Ben Affleck has entered the meme game. During Sunday night’s 2021 Grammy Awards, cameras kept panning to the Batman v Superman star, often showing him with a stoic expression alongside his wife Jennifer Lopez. Naturally, the internet caught on and ran with it, particularly during a sequence in which Affleck and Lopez were listening to Stevie Wonder’s “Higher Ground.”

This isn’t the first time Affleck has been the subject of a meme. Back in 2021, the actor became a meme for his “Sad Affleck” look during the press junket for Batman v Superman. The meme became so popular that Affleck addressed it directly in an interview. “Don’t drift off while talking to Henry, because they’ll zoom in on you and play a Simon & Garfunkel song and you’ll never live it down,” Affleck said.

The new Ben Affleck meme has sparked a range of reactions online. Some have expressed admiration for Affleck’s stoic demeanor, while others have poked fun at his expression. What’s certain is that the new Ben Affleck meme has been a hit on social media and is unlikely to be forgotten anytime soon.