Do you want to know the story of how two Ethiopian children were reunited with their parents after years of being separated? If so, you’ll love this remarkable account of Alemayehu Tadesse and Marta Getachew, two Ethiopian children who were reunited with their parents after being separated for years.

Alemayehu Tadesse and Marta Getachew were both born in Ethiopia, but their parents were unable to take care of them due to poverty and other circumstances. As a result, they were separated and sent to different countries. Alemayehu was adopted by an American family, while Marta was adopted by a Canadian family.

Years later, the two children, now adults, decided to search for their biological parents. They used social media and other resources to try to find their parents, but were unsuccessful. Fortunately, their story was heard by a group of volunteers in Ethiopia, who decided to help them in their search.

The volunteers created a YouTube channel called “እኛ የአባቶቻችን ልጆች ነን!!!”, which translates to “We are the children of our parents!”. On this channel, they posted videos of Alemayehu and Marta telling their stories and asking for help in finding their parents.

Their story went viral, and within a few weeks they had received over a million views. Eventually, their parents were located and the two were reunited after years of being apart.

This story is an inspiring tale of how social media can be used to help reunite families. It’s also a reminder of how powerful the internet can be in connecting people and helping them find each other. Alemayehu and Marta’s story is a testament to the power of the internet, and a reminder that even the most difficult of searches can sometimes have a happy ending.