Are the air quality levels in your home making you stupid? It’s a question we never expected to ask, but thanks to one Left-wing crackpot, it’s a question we now have to consider. In a recent article for The Atlantic, Katherine Wu reveals her journey to find out if her gas stove was slowly killing her and her brain.

Wu sprang for an “Aranet4” air quality monitor when the Left abruptly declared gas stoves the latest existential threat to mankind. To her horror, the Aranet4 told her there were 1,200 parts per million of carbon dioxide in the air, which cut her brain function by 15%. Wu opened a window and wore a coat and ski pants inside her home, but the Aranet4 barely budged. Even worse, the carbon dioxide level in her apartment was now at 1,400 parts per million, meaning her brain was only working at 50% capacity.

Wu sought out an environmental engineer who told her not to worry, as there are way more pollutants in the air inside her apartment and the Aranet4 isn’t that reliable. She was also told she needs a HEPA filter and a $20,000 “research-grade carbon dioxide sensor” in her lab. Wu finally got the meter in her apartment down to the 800s by leaving the window open six hours a day, running a fan, and giving up on using her stove.

It’s a strange and scary thought, but the air quality in our homes could be having a huge impact on our mental ability. Wu’s story shows us just how important it is to take air quality seriously and to make sure our homes are as safe and healthy as possible.