Are you ready to unleash the claws of Wolverine? Fans of the Marvel hero are in for a treat with the upcoming video game, as developers are reportedly aiming for a “Hard-R” experience. That’s right, the claws of Wolverine will be slicing and dicing in a way never seen before on PlayStation.

According to gaming journalist Jeff Grubb, Marvel’s Wolverine may offer players a far more violent gameplay experience than seen in previous Wolverine games. This could potentially result in a Mature rating. Grubb explained that the game will put players in an environment where the claws of Wolverine will be utilized to their fullest potential.

The upcoming Wolverine game will not be connected to any established universes or storylines involving the character, including Fox’s X-Men film series. The only official trailer released for Marvel’s Wolverine shows a man sitting in a bar littered with bodies while someone approaches him from behind holding a knife. The teaser ends abruptly with a shot of Wolverine’s claws emerging from his bloody hand.

The setting of the teaser is The Princess Bar, a famous venue from the Marvel Universe located in the fictional city of Madripoor, which serves as a sanctuary for some of the world’s most notorious criminals. The last major appearance of Madripoor was in the 2021 miniseries The Falcon and the Winter Soldier.

Marvel’s Wolverine does not yet have an official release window. According to Grubb, the game could come out as early as Fall 2024, roughly one year after the projected launch of Marvel’s Spider-Man 2.

Get ready to unleash the claws of Wolverine in a new and exciting way. Marvel’s Wolverine is sure to be an intense and thrilling experience, with a “Hard-R” rating and a unique setting in Madripoor. Keep an eye out for the upcoming game, and prepare for the claws of Wolverine to slice and dice in a way never seen before.