The power of a conversation and a hug can be life-changing. This was the case for a 17-year-old father in Memphis, Tennessee, who was on the edge of a bridge on Interstate 40. Thanks to the quick thinking of Officer Shaw, the teen was able to be pulled to safety after a 15-minute conversation.

On Thursday, Memphis Police Department officers responded to a call regarding a person on the edge of a bridge. When they arrived, they found the 17-year-old standing on the outside ledge of the bridge. Officer Shaw began to talk with the person and found out he had recently become a father and was stressed about the situation.

Officer Shaw, being a mother herself, was able to relate to the teen’s stress and shared her understanding with him. She talked to him for nearly 15 minutes and convinced him to hold on to her while helping him to safety. After he was pulled from the ledge, the two hugged and Officer Shaw told him “things will get better.” The 17-year-old thanked the officer for being there and helping him.

It’s stories like this that remind us of the incredible power of a conversation and a hug. In a time of crisis, Officer Shaw was able to provide the teen with the comfort and understanding he needed to make it through. This is a reminder that it’s often the smallest gestures that can have the biggest impact.