We’ve all heard of the electric car revolution, but how do the offerings from Tesla and Mercedes-Benz stack up against each other? I recently drove two of the most popular electric SUVs on the market to find out: the Tesla Model Y and the Mercedes EQB. After comparing them across cost, range, driving performance, and interior comfort, I’m ready to share my verdict.

When it comes to cost, the Model Y and EQB are neck and neck. The Model Y starts at $53,490, while the Mercedes starts at $52,400 for a 2023 model. However, the Model Y recently dropped its starting price from nearly $66,000, making it eligible for the federal $7,500 tax credit for plug-in purchases. The Mercedes doesn’t qualify for the tax credit because it isn’t built in North America.

When it comes to range, Tesla’s Model Y serves up an EPA-estimated 330 miles of driving per charge, making it one of the industry leaders. The 2022 EQB carries a comparatively weak 243-mile rating, which drops to 227 miles in the quicker EQB 350 model. For 2023, Mercedes is introducing a new long-range base model targeting 250 miles of range.

In terms of driving performance, the Model Y is undeniably sportier, delivering breathtaking acceleration and riding on a stiff suspension that aids agility. The Mercedes is still quite quick, but not like the Tesla. And its more supple suspension makes it more comfortable day-to-day.

In terms of interior and cargo space, Teslas are refreshingly minimalist and uncluttered, but not nearly as conventionally luxurious as BMWs and Benzes. The EQB offers supple leather seats, soft ambient lighting, sturdy controls, and shiny metallic accents that contrast the Model Y’s simple, subdued cabin. However, the Tesla wins in interior packaging and cargo space. It leverages its compact electric powertrain to provide a flat floor with tons of legroom, a cavernous cargo area, and a front trunk.

When it comes to tech, the Model Y takes center stage with a big, feature-packed display. It’s stuffed with interesting tech like Sentry Mode, Dog Mode, and video games, but it can make it cumbersome to adjust basic settings. The EQB, on the other hand, has a modest screen with average capabilities, plus a handy trackpad to control it between the front seats.

After comparing the Tesla Model Y and Mercedes EQB, I’d pick the Tesla. It’s effectively cheaper, more spacious, and provides more range. However, anyone who hates the idea of relying on a touchscreen and wants a more conventional and premium-feeling car will feel right at home in the EQB.

Source: www.businessinsider.com