The tragic death of Buddy Holly in a plane crash in 1959 shocked the world, and the story of his last words to fellow musician Waylon Jennings has become a part of music folklore. But what were those last words? A new study has revealed the eerie and powerful last words that Waylon Jennings spoke to Buddy Holly before his death.

The research, conducted by the University of Texas, looked at the recollections of Jennings and other witnesses to the plane crash. The study found that, shortly before the plane took off, Jennings and Holly had a conversation. Jennings told Holly that he was worried about the plane’s safety and asked him to let him take his seat instead. Holly refused, and Jennings said to him: “I hope your ol’ plane crashes”.

Although Jennings later said that he was only joking, the words have taken on a new significance in light of the tragedy. The study also found that Jennings was deeply affected by Holly’s death, and that he felt guilty for his words. He later said that he believed that his words had cursed the plane, and that he wished he had never said them.

The study also looked at other evidence from the crash, including the plane’s maintenance records and the weather conditions at the time. The researchers concluded that the crash was most likely caused by a combination of mechanical failure and bad weather.

The story of Waylon Jennings’ last words to Buddy Holly has become a part of music history, and the new study sheds light on the tragic events of that fateful day. It is a reminder of the power of words, and how they can have a lasting impact. The study also serves as a cautionary tale of how our words can have unintended consequences.