The Democratic National Committee has officially made a groundbreaking change to the presidential primary calendar for 2024. After decades of Iowa and New Hampshire leading off the primary, the DNC has decided to shake things up and move the two states down the line. South Carolina will now kick off the primary, followed by Nevada, Michigan, and potentially Georgia.

The DNC’s decision is a long overdue move towards creating a more diverse and inclusive primary. South Carolina will now be the first state to cast their votes, providing a platform for Black voters to have their voices heard. Nevada, with its large Latino population, will now come second, while Michigan and Georgia will be added to the mix.

The change is not without its opponents. Iowa and New Hampshire Democrats have voiced their objections, warning that opening up the calendar could create chaos. The issue is further complicated in New Hampshire, where a state law mandates that it holds the first primary a week before any other state in the country. The DNC’s decision could lead to an unsanctioned primary in New Hampshire, and any candidate who puts their name on the ballot will face steep penalties from the DNC.

Despite the pushback, the DNC has made it clear that they are committed to the new calendar and the party is unified behind President Joe Biden. The calendar is a major step forward for the party, elevating the voices that have been silenced for far too long. The DNC is paving the way for a more diverse and inclusive primary, and the 2024 calendar is a reflection of that.