The skies over York County, South Carolina, have been abuzz with reports of a Chinese surveillance balloon flying overhead. The sheriff’s office in the region has issued a stern warning to residents not to take matters into their own hands and shoot at the balloon. After all, rifle rounds are unlikely to reach the balloon flying at 60,000+ feet.

The balloon, first detected over Montana on Wednesday, was identified by the Pentagon as a possible Chinese spy balloon. Secretary of State Antony Blinken postponed a scheduled trip to China as a result, noting that the balloon is a violation of international law and US sovereignty.

But what does this mean for US citizens? What kind of threat does the balloon pose?

The level of threat posed by the balloons is still unknown. While some experts claim that it poses a threat, others urge caution about overestimating the risk level. It is important to note that the US military has already shot down a similar balloon off the coast of Carolina.

It is clear from the recent events that the US government is taking the threat posed by the Chinese surveillance balloons seriously. Citizens should also remain aware of the potential risks posed by the balloons and take steps to ensure their safety.