It’s that time of year again: NHL All-Star Weekend! This year, the All-Star Skills Competition is taking place in Sunrise, Florida at FLA Live Arena. Get ready for the classic events, plus a few new ones, like the Splash Shot, Pitch ‘n Puck, and Tendy Tandem.

The Enterprise NHL Splash Shot is a particularly exciting event. It will take place on the beach at Fort Lauderdale and feature eight players divided into four teams of two. The players must hit all the targets before attempting to dunk their opponents. The winner is the one who successfully dunks their opponent first.

The Pitch ‘n Puck event is a spin-off of the classic hockey shootout. Players will have to hit a target with a puck from center ice, then race to the goal and attempt to score. The Tendy Tandem event is a goalie challenge that will feature two teams of two goalies each. The goalies must compete in a relay race to save as many pucks as possible.

The All-Star Skills Competition is sure to be an exciting event. From the new and thrilling Splash Shot to the classic Pitch ‘n Puck event, there’s something for everyone. So don’t miss out on all the action! Tune in to the NHL All-Star Skills Competition on Friday night for a night of fun and excitement.