Noah Ruggles’ college career has come to a bittersweet end. After two seasons with Ohio State, the kicker is out of eligibility, but not before leaving a lasting impression on the Buckeye program. On Saturday, Ruggles made his departure official with a heartfelt post on Instagram, thanking those involved in the program and those who have supported him.

Ruggles began his college career at North Carolina, but transferred to Ohio State after three years. During his two seasons with the Buckeyes, Ruggles made 37 of his 41 field goal attempts and 148 of 149 extra points. Unfortunately, Ruggles will be remembered for the field goal he didn’t make: a 50-yard attempt that would have won the College Football Playoff semifinal against Georgia and sent Ohio State to the national championship game against TCU.

Ruggles’ post on Instagram was a reflection of his journey, and a reminder that only God knows the true path. He thanked his teammates and coaches who inspired him, his family who sacrificed and supported him, and the true fans of The Ohio State University who are the backbone of the program. He acknowledged that moments of adversity have provided him with an opportunity for growth, humility, and appreciation.

Ruggles’ story is one of faith, perseverance, and resilience. His journey was not always easy, but he trusted in God and put his faith in Him. As the kicker said himself, no matter how dark life seems at times, moments of adversity have provided him with an opportunity for unimagined growth, humility, and appreciation. Ruggles will always be a Buckeye for life.