It was a bittersweet ending to All-Star Weekend for Bo Horvat, Brock Nelson, and Ilya Sorokin, as the Pacific and Metropolitan Divisions both lost in the first round of the three-on-three showcase. Bo Horvat, the newly acquired Islander, had an assist in the Pacific’s 6-4 loss to the Central Division, while Nelson and Sorokin bowed out in a 10-6 loss to the Atlantic Division. Despite the losses, the players still had a fantastic weekend, with Horvat and Nelson both taking the time to appreciate their surroundings.

Horvat was especially moved by the fact that Islanders’ fans were already wearing his jersey, despite him only being on the team for a few days. He also said that getting to skate with some of the best players in the league was a highlight, as was getting to have his son on the bench during the All-Star Skills on Friday.

Nelson also had a great time, saying that getting to skate with Sidney Crosby and Alex Ovechkin at the end of the game was pretty cool, and that his son had a lot of fun meeting the other players. He said that the whole family had a lot of fun and that it meant a lot to them.

Sorokin, meanwhile, allowed five goals on 13 shots, playing the second half of the game after Rangers goaltender Igor Shesterkin played the first half. He was also spotted doing some of his signature moves during the game.

As for Horvat, the All-Star Weekend offered a little bit of closure and a glimpse of what’s to come for him on the Island. He is looking forward to getting to Long Island for a practice on Sunday and getting to know the rest of his new teammates. He is ready to start playing hockey again and is excited to be part of such a passionate fanbase.

It was an exciting and memorable All-Star Weekend for Bo Horvat, Brock Nelson, and Ilya Sorokin, and now they are ready to get back to playing hockey and helping the Islanders reach their goals.