The debate between NASCAR and Formula 1 racing has been raging for decades. With the increasing number of F1 races in the United States, the question arises: can its interest rival that of NASCAR racing? Recently, the NASCAR talent was asked this question during a media availability at the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum, and the responses were intriguing.

Clint Bowyer, one of the racers present, confidently put his money on NASCAR’s product. He pointed out that NASCAR offers an action-packed experience, with a format that includes an exciting break for a concert. Fox Sports’ lap-by-lap announcer Mike Joy was a bit more nuanced with his comparison. He noted that Formula 1 has had the same 300,000 viewers every week, and it has been difficult to grow out of that. He also pointed out that the “Drive to Survive” docuseries on Netflix has stirred the interest of F1 racing among the American audience.

F1 held two races in the United States last season and is adding a third in 2023. According to Nielsen Media Research, F1 races averaged around 1.3 million viewers in the U.S. last season, up from around 965,000 the previous year. F1 has been doing better than NASCAR in some races among viewers in the 18-49 demographic.

So, can Formula 1 racing rival that of NASCAR? It looks like only time will tell. With its increasing number of races and its growing viewership, Formula 1 just might be able to give NASCAR a run for its money.