The joy of parenthood has been experienced by Morgan Radford and her husband David Williams with the birth of their baby girl Adelana Marcia Radford Williams, or Lana for short. The NBC News Daily anchor and NBC News correspondent welcomed their first child on February 2nd, and the proud parents are excited to share the story of their new bundle of joy.

The couple has been preparing for their daughter’s arrival since August of last year, and Radford shared a few details about her new daughter with TODAY. The name Adelana was chosen to “connect her to her family, her roots, and our dreams for a bright and colorful future of her choosing,” and is pronounced “AH-de-LAH-nuh” in Yoruba, meaning “the conduit by which more good things are to come.”

Radford and Williams have been together since they attended Harvard University, and they kept in touch after graduation as Williams went to law school and Radford moved to South Africa. After meeting again in 2017 at a London conference, they fell in love and got married on January 8, 2022, in Cartagena, Colombia.

Radford also explored her personal experience with egg freezing in 2018 during National Infertility Awareness Week. While she did freeze her eggs, her pregnancy was achieved without medical intervention. Radford shared a photo of herself with Williams on Twitter in which they mimicked the famous picture of a pregnant Rihanna with A$AP Rocky kissing her head.

The couple has received some sage advice from TODAY’s Dylan Dreyer, a mom of three: “You will know what to do.” Radford and Williams have kept their fans in the loop about the incoming bundle of joy since last August, and now, they have welcomed their beautiful baby girl into the world.

The couple is overjoyed with the arrival of their daughter, and the name Adelana is the perfect way to honor their family and dreams for their daughter’s future. The couple has been preparing for the arrival of their daughter for months, and now, they are ready to take on the joys and challenges of parenthood.